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Fastlink is a 'Gripple Style' connector, splice, and tensioner for use on all types of uncoated wire - 0.9mm to 5mm. Can be used quickly and simply for many purposes including HVAC & Ducting installations, Seismic Bracing, Fencing etc. In-house testing has shown the type 2 (1.8mm to 3.2mm) having a SWL of 120kg when used with 3mm 7x19 wire.

Join or tension wire easily with a Fastlink. Push smooth wire or cable into the ends, leaving at least a 50mm tail to allow for tensioning. Galvanized steel rollers grip the wire as soon as tension is applied in the opposite direction.

To release system, use the adjustable Tool inserting into the small hole and push the inner roller back to ends, then pull the wire or cable out to re-use. After, confirm the wire or cable position.

Use Fastlink Tension Tool to tension the Fastlink. 

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