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CLAMP Stainless steel (AISI 316) wire rope.

7x7:  A moderately flexible wire rope that can be used for staying applications where a degree of stretch can be tolerated. The flexibility of this wire permits end terminations to be either swage terminals or swaged eyes. This wire rope is a very good choice for architectural balustrading where sharp turns will not be required. (Price per metre)

Product Code Diameter (mm) Min. Breaking Load (kg)
WR 7715 1.5 136
WR 7720 2 259
WR 7725 2.5 360
WR 7780 8 3670

See Safety Warning Below

---------- Safety Warning ----------
Many authorities recommend that when selecting a wire rope for critical applications involving human safety a breaking load safety factor of at least 5:1 be used i.e. if the maximum working load will be 100kg the selected wire should have a typical breaking load of not less than 500kg. For critical applications and especially where human safety is a consideration we strongly recommend that all swaged assemblies be pull tested prior to use to prove their suitability for the intended purpose.

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